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Enjoy champagne any time of the day! It’s always a great time for a little bubbly and goes so well with cheese.

Our way of thinking

Champagne + Fromage is more than just a restaurant; it’s a journey through the heart of France’s culinary traditions. Our concept is simple yet sophisticated, offering an exquisite pairing of Champagne and artisanal cheeses. It’s a place where friends and family enjoy the finest delicacies in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We want to change the perception that Champagne is for celebration only. Champagne is a wine and as such can be drunk anytime, by itself or with a meal. It’s the perfect pairing with cheese, much more than red or white wine.

Our champagne, drinks and cheese

We are all about quality products that we source directly and in exclusivity from France.

Our independent producers make Champagne with passion and exuberance, following the traditional methods of artisanal winemaking where focus is in the “terroir”. Our cheesemakers are artists in their own right and represent many different styles.

We believe in the magic combination of Growers Champagne and Cheese.

Great together any time and the proof is in the tasting!


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